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Pelican Case 0450

The Pelican Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence

The Pelican 0450 tool case is the first of its kind. A waterproof tool case made for professionals. Anyone that uses tools and works in wet, dusty or dirty environments can appreciate the Pelican 0450 case. Overtime tools can rust if exposed to the elements which will render them useless. With the Pelican 0450 case these problems will be solved as moisture will not be able to enter the tool case. Pick up some Silica Gel as well for added protection against moisture being trapped in the 0450 tool case after opening. The Pelican 0450 tool case originally created for the military is now in civilian hands. The Pelican 0450 Tool Case- the ultimate toolbox.

Standard Features:
2 Person Fold-down Lift handles 4 Easy open Double-Throw latches
O-ring Seal Blank Nameplate with an option to personalize
Purge Valve Download Nameplate Mailing Form
Tilt wheels and Extension Handle

Pelican Case 0450
Retail: $ 761.64
Your Price: $ 555.94
Outside Dimensions: 23.95"L x 14.75"W x 17.95"D
Inside Dimensions: 20.56"L x 10.97"W x 12.65"D
Shipping Weight: 41.5 lbs with drawers

NOTE: No Foam included with 0450 Case

With 6 Shallow Drawers, 1 Deep Drawer, and 1 Top Tray
No Drawers -$82.90

Tray Dimensions

1. 0455DD 19.75L x 10.31W x 2.75D
2. 0455DE 19.75L x 10.31W x 4.32D
3. 0455DS 19.75L x 10.31W x 1.18D
4. 0455TT 17.56L x 9.55W x 2.68D

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Pelican 0450 Accessories:
Polyethylene Foam Blanks to Fit Drawers (cut the insert yourself)


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