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Pelican 0450 Toolbox and The Boat Mechanic

You are a boat mechanic. You can work on all kinds of them. Out board motorboats to inboard ones. You need a variety of tools for your job. You may have to tear a motor apart one day and fix a gas line the next. You need a toolbox that has room to hold all the tools you may have to use.

The pelican 0450 toolbox can. It has been used by the military for years. This case is made to take all the wear and tear you can give it. You can even drop it and it does not break or crack. The Pelican toolbox is made from lightweight material that is extremely strong. This toolbox comes with drawers that will organize your tools and keep them at hand. The Pelican toolbox has a patented double throw butterfly compression latch. What you put in there stays in there. The lid has heavy duty buttress hinges and stainless steel hinge pins. It opens up into a small workstation, which can hold fifty pounds easily.

Pelican made this toolbox with polyurethane extra wide wheels. These wheels help distribute weight over softer terrain. The wheels have stainless steel ball bearings for low resistance while moving. A nylon hub insulates the rubber from too much heat. The Pelican toolbox has the wheels located on the back of it so the front is clear. This gives it more room in the front for drawers. The oversized, rounded ribs make it easy to flip on itís back for moving. There are deep two-way handles on each end. This means you can lift it from any direction. Included is a trolley handle for easy moving over sand, wooden docks, and even concrete. It is removable for cleaning or replacing if need be.

As stated above, the Pelican 0450 toolbox comes with drawers. You can choose from six shallow drawers, four deep drawers or any combination of them. Now you can store your tools drawer by drawer and know exactly which is which. You can put a flashlight in there for working in dark spaces. Needle nosed pliers, metric wrenches, and more.

The Pelican toolbox is dent proof and chip proof. Scratches are almost impossible to get. Your toolbox is waterproof too. Spilling anything on it will not cause moisture to get inside. While you are using it, you may collect dust and moisture. If this happens, wipe excess dirt out and keep a canister of Pelicansí silica gel in it. The gel absorbs moisture to keep your tools dry and rust free. Your tools are important to you. Taking good care of them helps them last longer and perform well.

There is a nameplate for identifying your toolbox. You will always know which toolbox is yours. The Pelican 0450 toolbox is meant to last a lifetime. It is a quality built product backed by Pelicansí lifetime guarantee. For information on this toolbox, please go to Case Club.

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