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Pelican 0450 Toolbox Built NASCAR Strong

NASCAR is one of the car loverís ultimate dreams. You live it. You are a race car technician for a team. You have extensive training in how to keep their car in tiptop running condition. You know that you have to have the best tools for your job. Race day is hectic and extremely fast paced. When your teamís car needs adjustments, you have to have all the tools you need right there at hand.

You need a tool case that is organized and holds everything you need. If it is a quick fix, you have to zip in and out. Time is of the essence. You need a toolbox that can move with you and has what you need at hand.

Take a look at the Pelican 0450 tool case. It is the first waterproof tool case. You work in a dusty, dirty, and wet environment. This case was made to hold up to that environment. The case dimensions are almost twenty-four inches long by fifteen inches wide by eighteen inches deep on the outside. The inside is about twenty and half inches long by almost eleven inches wide by nearly thirteen inches deep.

It comes with six shallow drawers and one deep removable one. The top of the Pelican toolbox opens into a workstation that you can use to keep the tools you are using handy. You can put your ratchet wrench and sockets right there in the first drawer and open-ended wrenches in the next drawer down to your dual action sander in the bottom drawer for complete and simple organization.

The Pelican comes with two way deep handles on the sides that can be lifted from any direction. It has polyurethane extra wide wheels with stainless steel bearings for low resistance transport. The extra wide wheels help the Pelican toolbox move over soft terrain without trouble. It has oversize, rounded ribs that make it easy to roll on itsí back for easy transport with the trolley handle. This handle and the wheels remove easily for changing and cleaning.

Pelican also makes a silica gel to absorb any dampness that would get inside the opened tool case. It is made of granules of synthetic sodium silicate. It comes in a compact aluminum canister and has a built in indicator that tells you when to reactivate the gel. The reactivation can be done in any oven. There is no time limitation on the silica gel. It is made to last indefinitely.

As with all Pelican products the Pelican 0450 toolbox comes with a lifetime guarantee against denting, chipping, and cracking. It is virtually scratch proof and waterproof. It has a nameplate so you can put your name on it to use for identification purposes. For more information on this case please go to Case Club.

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