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Pelican 0450 Toolbox & The Personal Mechanic

You like cars. You like to fix cars. Your garage has all the tools you can imagine for this purpose. You change engines, fix brakes, and just plain general maintenance. Your friends even come to you to fix their cars. As a matter of fact, you have a car that needs a tune up sitting there right now.

Alright, letís get started. Now where is that spark plug puller? You know you saw it. It was right over there on the workbench. Well, it is not there anymore. You rummage around moving tool after tool. No luck. It is nowhere to be found. What you need is a toolbox.

The Pelican toolbox can help you organize those tools in one place. It is made of lightweight material and can take bumping and banging and even dropping and not break. Six shallow drawers and one deep one keep your tools safe. The lid opens into a mini workstation. You can put up to fifty pounds of weight on the lid and not break it. There are extra deep two way handles on the ends for lifting. It has a trolley handle for pulling from one spot to another. This handle removes easily for cleaning and replacing if necessary.

The Pelican toolbox has extra wide wheels made of polyurethane. They have stainless steel ball bearings. A Nylon hub insulates the wheel from any heat generated by the ball bearings during movement. It has rounded oversized ribs designed to make it easy to roll on itís back for transport.

It has heavy duty buttress hinges with stainless steel hinge pins. This provides protection from impact. So when you drop something on it, it wonít break. It is made with a secure stack design. Foot blocks on the bottom on the Pelican toolbox mate with extra deep pockets and lock one toolbox to another. This give stability to the cases. They wonít fall over by themselves. That means you can get two Pelican toolboxes and put all those tools up.

Your Pelican toolbox is crack proof, dent proof, and chip proof. Your toolbox is waterproof, but constant opening and closing can let moisture inside. Pelican makes a silica gel to absorb this moisture. This keeps your tools from rusting. So put your tools in a Pelican toolbox. Organize your wrenches by type and separate drawer. Keep safety glasses and gloves in there.

No matter what tool you place in your Pelican toolbox, it will be safe from outside elements. Rust free and in working order. Pelican gives you a lifetime guarantee on a quality built product. This toolbox was originally built for the military. They use it. Now you can too. Protect your tools. Clean up your garage. When your friends see it, they will want one too. If you are interested in more information on the Pelican 0450 toolbox go to Case Club. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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