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Plumbing Has Never Been Easier with the Pelican 0450 Case

You are a plumber. Most of your work involves fixing sink drains and bathtub drains. Sometimes there is very little room to maneuver around. Tight spots and tool usage donít always compliment one another. Under the kitchen or bathroom sink there is not always room to lay your tools out for quick grabbing.

The Pelican toolbox will help to give you some room. There are drawers for organization of your tools and the top opens to give you a work area. The hinges are heavy duty buttress hinges. They have stainless steel hinge pins to help provide strength for extra protection from impact. This means it will hold the weight, up to fifty pounds, and not break apart. So you can toss one tool back on the lid and reach for another.

The drawers of the Pelican 0450 will hold everything from wrenches to PVC pipe. Even that monkey wrench for the bigger jobs. You will have six shallow and one deep drawer. Arrange them to suit how you will do your job.

The Pelican toolbox is made with a patented double throw butterfly compression latch. It will take three hundred and eighty two pounds of pull force. There are two way extra deep handles on each end so you can lift it from all angles.

The Pelican toolbox has wheels located on itsí back for easy upright moving. There are over oversized rounded ribs to help flip the toolbox over for this purpose. There is a trolley handle which extends for easy pulling. The wheels are made of polyurethane with stainless steel ball bearings. The wheels have a wide track to move through soft soil and over pavement easily.

The Pelican 0450 toolbox is made with the same integrity of all of Pelican cases. It will not crack or dent. So you can throw it in the back of your truck and go. Hitting bumps in the road wonít hurt it. Stones that may fly up wonít chip it. The sun will not fade it. It is waterproof, so rain wonít invade it and start your tools to rusting.

Plumbing is a dirty, messy and wet job. The Pelican 0450 can stand up to it. If you get any grease or water inside the toolbox, wipe it out. This is simple clean up at itís best. Keep a container of Pelicansí silica gel in your case. It absorbs extra moisture and helps keep your tools rust free. It is made so you can reactivate it once it has reached maximum absorbency. Just put it in any oven and follow procedure.

Another important feature of the Pelican 0450 toolbox is you can put your name on it. That is added protection for you. The Pelican 0450 toolbox comes with a lifetime guarantee. When you are looking for a toolbox to fit all your needs, trust Pelican. You will not be disappointed. For more information on this toolbox please go to Case Club.

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