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Pelican 0450 Toolbox and The Truck Driver

You are an independent over the road truck driver. You spend many hours a week driving from city to city and state to state. Your truck needs to be working well in order for you to make money. Since you are independent, you do not have the luxury of calling a boss and saying you need truck repairs done. No matter what kind of weather or time of day or night, it is up to you to keep your truck running smooth.

You need a toolbox that can take the long haul and rough handling that you will give it. The Pelican toolbox will. It is made of lightweight materials that can withstand your daily road travel and constant use.

The Pelican toolbox is made with six shallow drawers or four deep drawers. You can mix or match to suit your needs. You can put those open-ended wrenches in a drawer by themselves so they are not hard to find. Put your socket set in another. You can even put your roadside emergency kit in there.

The hinges are heavy-duty buttress hinges and have stainless steel hinge pins for extra protection from an impact. The lid turns 180 degrees to serve as a workstation when you need to have your tools in front of you. The lid can hold up to fifty pounds. The Pelican toolbox has polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings. They are extra wide so your toolbox moves easily through soft sand and over gravel.

This Pelican Case is made with oversize ribs that are rounded so it is easy to roll onto itís back for moving around. The Pelican toolbox has two deep handles on either end that make it easy to lift from any direction.

Your case is waterproof, chip proof, crack proof, and dent proof. It doesnít scratch easily or stain easily. You can clean it up with no fuss. If it gets damp inside while you have it open, try Pelicanís silica gel. It absorbs the moisture so your tools wonít rust. You can reactivate the gel as needed by putting it in an oven.

The lock on your Pelican toolbox is constructed of hardened stainless steel and brass. The Transportation Security Administration has approved it for travel. It has a reset able combination for easy memorization.

Your Pelican toolbox is waterproof. Once closed and locked your tools will not get wet if you happen to find yourself in a flooding situation. Your toolbox is made to last a lifetime. Pelican guarantees it. You can put your name on it. This toolbox was formally made for the military. They trust it. You can too.

When you need to keep your truck in running order, your Pelican toolbox will be there ready and waiting. Pelican backs this toolbox with a lifetime guarantee. For more information on the Pelican 0450 toolbox please visit Case Club.

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